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Vehicle Health Check - What's Included...

Prices below are for 4 cylinder vehicles up to 1800cc. Depending on your vehicle make, age and mileage not all service items may be due for replacement. Please contact us for a quotation specific to your vehicle. You will receive a completed Vehicle Health Check with your invoice. Any items requiring attention will be indicated how urgent they are

Please remember, having your NEW vehicle serviced by us will not invalidate your manufacturers warranty, we only use OE specification service items and lubricants

6-12 Month Interval
Oil Service

From £79.00 inc VAT
12 Month Intervals
Interim Service

From £149.00 inc VAT
24 Month Intervals
Standard / Full Service

From £199.00 inc VAT
Under Bonnet 12-Point Check 56-Point Check 60-Point Check
Replace oil filter Yes Yes Yes
Replace air filter Yes
Replace fuel filter (diesel) Yes
Replace spark plugs (standard type) Yes
Replace cabin / dust filter Yes
Replace engine oil Yes Yes Yes
Test brake fluid and advise Yes (£39.00 if required) Yes (£39.00 if required)
Test coolant and advise Yes (£39.00 if required) Yes (£39.00 if required)
Visual under bonnet Yes Yes
Check auxiliary drive belts Yes Yes
Top up screen washer fluid Yes Yes Yes
Check brake master cylinder Yes Yes
Check power steering, fluid level Yes Yes
Check brake pipes, fuel pipes Yes Yes
Half Raise Vehicle
Check front tyre tread depth Yes Yes Yes
Check rear tyre tread depth Yes Yes Yes
Check wheel bearings Yes Yes
Check suspension joints, mounts Yes Yes
Check steering joints, bushes Yes Yes
Remove wheels Yes Yes
Check front shock absorbers Yes Yes
Check front coil springs Yes Yes
Check rear shock absorbers Yes Yes
Check rear coil springs Yes Yes
Check drive shaft gaiters Yes Yes
Check front brake wear Yes Yes
Check rear brake wear Yes Yes
Refit wheels Yes Yes
Check tyre walls, wheel rims Yes Yes
Tyre pressures Yes Yes Yes
Raise Vehicle Full Height
Check exhaust mounts Yes Yes
Check exhaust condition Yes Yes
Check for transmission leaks Yes Yes
Check for engine fluid leaks Yes Yes
Check brake pipes, cables Yes Yes
Check fuel pipes, fuel tank Yes Yes
Check underbody condition Yes Yes
Lower Vehicle
Check windscreen condition Yes Yes
Check washers, wiper blades Yes Yes Yes
Check number plates, fuel cap Yes Yes
Check lighting, lenses Yes Yes Yes
Check headlamp alignment Yes Yes
Lubricate door hinges, catches Yes Yes
Spare wheel, tyre, inflation kit Yes Yes
Inside Vehicle
Check seat belt operation Yes Yes
Check operation of controls, horn Yes Yes
Check hand/foot brake travel Yes Yes
Reset service indicator Yes Yes Yes
Check dash warning lamps Yes Yes
After Service Checks
Check, torque wheel nuts Yes Yes
Check radiator cooling fan operation Yes Yes
Road test Yes Yes
Stamp service record book Yes Yes Yes
Fit service reminder label Yes Yes Yes
Re-check oil level Yes Yes Yes
Add fuel system cleaner to tank Yes Yes
Check timing belt interval Yes Yes
Diagnostic health check Yes Yes
Check exterior, damage, corrosion Yes Yes

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