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If you have a warning light come up on your dash then this usually indicates that there is a problem somewhere on the vehicle. We can connect to your vehicle and evaluate the problem and advise accordingly. There can be upwards of 30 different warning indicator types depending on your vehicle make and model, we advise that you have it checked ASAP to avoid any damage or safety related issues

Please be aware that some garages may just clear the warning lamp and not check the cause, this will just postpone the problem and may increase the cost of any future diagnosis and repair, a quick "Plug In" will not tell you what the problem is. Fault codes are just a guide, it takes experience and the right equipment to repair

We have diagnostic equipment to connect to most makes and models. Some faults may be relatively straight forward to diagnose and repair, some may be intermittent and harder to track down, these types of faults may require additional equipment such as oscilloscope testing at additional cost
ABS Warning Light Engine Management Warning Light Air Bag Warning Light

Above are 3 of the most common warning lamp types
If one of these is on it may also fail the MOT test

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